Pregnancy is the precious time in the women life. As the time passes, she needs more comfortable beds and pillow to have rest in a proper way. Pregnancy pillows are a good idea to keep the body relaxed. It is important to sleep tight in these days as uncomfortable and sleepless night may cause fatigue. To have the best sleep and want to get rid of back pain, it is better to have the best pillow that meets this requirement and provides satisfaction. When the lady wants to purchase such relaxing pillows, it is good to have complete know how about the product to get peaceful sleep and relaxing time. It is hard to find the exact pillow that helps in pain relieving, but after the complete survey the necessary product one can find out.

Body Pillow Buyer's Guide and Reviews

Top Rated Best Pillows Reviews

To get the best body pillow one can follow these guidelines to get the right one. Different companies are making these pillows to make the person life, easy and comfortable. The top five best pillows includes.

1. Pregnancy Body Pillows

During pregnancy one needs special care and rest. Snoogle body pillow has a different appearance as compared to a normal pillow is best in pregnancy. The specifications include the unique shape that gives the relief to the back pain, as well as the shape, provides relaxation to the growing tummy. It provides support to the overall body structure. When the person has this snoogle pillow there is no need to have separate support for back, hips but the pillow is designed in such a way that it has a supporting role for whole body structures.

Design of the Pillow

• The pillow is designed by the nurse or special people who really know which type of comfort zone is required by the maternity patients or those who are suffering from muscular pain.
• The material used for its designing has the special feature of cooling. The person can use it easily in the summer season to have relaxed rest time.
• Another important feature of the product is that the support is too good that the customers feel happy by using it.


The product is available in 6 colors that are
• Ivory
• Sage
• Green
• Grey
• Khaki
• Mauve

The common shape available for this pillow is c type and is polyester fiber filled that are super soft to provide beneficial support level.

  • It is affordable
  • The design is flexible to use for multi-purpose especially in pregnancy
  • The design is done by specialized mother and nurses
  • The person can use for a long time
  • Difficult to change the pillow cover
  • Difficult to store.



2. Comfort-U Total Body Support Pillow

• U shape pillow has similar qualities like the c shape, but its legs are longer as compare to c type.
• The longer legs provide the support to overall body structure and are best for those who love to sleep on their back.
• The pillow is best for those having allergy due to pillow material. It has hypoallergenic material. The pillow supports the neck, back and hips so is a good option for the patients suffering from these pains as well as for pregnant ladies.
• The pillow is also helpful for those who are not able to sleep at night because of uncomfortable bed or mattress.
• One of the cons of this type is that it is bit expensive as well difficult to store and carry.
• The pillow contains cotton as the filling material. The cotton fibers are so soft that keeps the pillow soft and fluffy.
• The white color is available in this type.

Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow (Full Size)

  • It is soft and flexible
  • It is hypoallergenic and ideal to use in neck, shoulder and back pain
  • The size is useful for any height and sleep position
  • It is largest body pillow in market that is hard to store
  • The person has to fluff it to maintain its shape.

3. Bamboo Memory Foam Body Pillow

• Snuggle pedic shredded body pillows are available which provides cooling effect due to presence of the 6 percent lycra.
• The presence of the polyester makes it soft and comfortable. The i shape is available in this type.
• It is perfect in pregnancy and useful for those who sleep in side positions.

  • It is soft and easily washable
  • It is comfortable in pregnancy
  • Not much expensive
  • Only available in I shape.


4. Aller-Ease Hypoallergenic Cotton Body Pillow

• As the name indicated, the pillow is best for those having an allergy to some synthetic products. The cotton is best pillow material and used for making these special products.
• It is available in standard body pillow size that is 54*20inches.
• It is elongated pillow without any specific shape. It is good to support the body on a single side.
• The best feature is that is easily washable in the machine in warm water.

Aller-Ease Hypoallergenic Cotton body pillow

  • It is machine washable
  • It is affordable
  • The material is 100 percent cotton that has a hypoallergenic effect and used in different diseases.
  • Do not have pillow cover
  • It is not fluffy


5. Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge for Maternity

These are different types of pillows available in the size of 7*24*24 inches that is helpful in relieving pregnancy stress and pains.
The pillow is suitable in relieving back pain and supports the body overall.
Wedge shaped hiccapop is good to relieve the pregnancy stress and supports the tummy in a good way.

  • It is affordable
  • It is soft and comfortable
  • Supersoft cover is available that make it easy washable and durable.
  • The person can use for a long time
  • Only available in charcoal gray colour


6. PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

• It is one of the best pillows used in pregnancy. The lady feels comfortable and enjoying sleeping with this pillow.
• The c shape design of the pillow makes it unique as the lady can place the head on top of the pillow and provides support to tummy and legs through the bottom legs while the side portion gives relaxation to the back side of the body.
• As it is the snoogle form, so the single pillow is enough for supporting all parts of the body from head to toe.
• The pillow contains the material 60% cotton and 40% polyester jersey.
• As the pillow is made of good quality material, it is the supportive feature and gives 100 percent relaxation to the pregnant women as well as those suffering from a backache.
• The product is about 2.1 pounds
• The color available is gray.

  • The product is soft
  • It is easy to wash and dry
  • The shape is made to deal with variety of body ailments
  • It is hard to store
  • The only gray color is available
Body Pillow FAQ

If the person is interested in buying the body pillows, he must be aware of all the facts and figures related to the body pillows. This will make easy to choose the best quality, in the proper budget. As the product is for longer use so it is important to purchase that pillow that facilitates the person for the longer time and helps in relieving various disease situations.

What is body pillow?

A body pillow is somewhat different from routine. The routine pillow is only for the head while this elongated body pillow is utilized to give support all body parts at one time. This product is effective in the treatment of different pains as well as provides the best comfort in pregnancy. Body pillows are available in a variety of material, shapes, and sizes that the person can choose according to the requirement.

  • Length of Body Pillow

As the pillow is meant for body use, they are much long as compare to normal head pillows. The shape is elongated, but they are less wide. The length and size depend on the choice of the person which he wants to purchase. It is better to choose that style that fits better with body length and weight. Mostly the pillows are full length, but some are of a medium size that covers up to tummy or hips. The average length is about 54 inches, and width is about 20 inches.
This is the size designed for average height if the person. The size is suitable for both conditions that are pregnancy or the patient suffering from back pain. If the size is short or long, case, the person can prefer other size or option. It is hood to choose the right option, as for example the king size pillow is used for those who have more height and weight and also for pregnant women who are in a state of weight gain. The person who is buying for the first time can get standard 54*20 inches pillow. As the purpose of the pillow is to provide the comfort and relaxation, it is important to choose the right size without compromising on the wrong option.

Difference Between Pregnancy Pillow and Body Pillow

• Although the pillows resemble much, but there are some differences which make the pregnancy pillow more supportive as compare to the ordinary pillow.
• The material used for pregnancy pillow is usually organic or natural so that the mother feels cozy and comfortable.
• The pregnancy pillows provide additional support because of the shape and styles of the pillow.
• The ordinary body pillow provides relaxation but not enough to the pregnant women.
• The person suffering from back pain can utilize pregnancy pillows to get additional support.

Medical Conditions:

• Body Pillow for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time of critical phases. It is important to provide women with best comfortable environment do that she remains healthy and happy. The special pillows are designed for this phase of life. During this period the body suffers a lot of pain. The pain is due to the extra weight that the body is supporting. The pregnancy pillows support not only the bumps but also all part of the body that is suffering from the pain. The special feature of the pillow is that it can take shape whatever the lady like during sleep or relax timings. It shapes according to the way of sleeping. The wedge shape is the preferable shape used in pregnancy.

The wedge provides the alleviation of the head, that is a comfortable position to relieve neck, shoulder and back pain. As well as these are important in releasing acidity which is a common factor in pregnancy? The leg alleviation is best for those who suffer from edema as well as hypertension. The blood circulation helps in diminishing edema and makes the feet relaxed and comfortable.The other type of body pillows used in pregnancy is maternity foam specially designed for this purpose. These pillows act as soothing factors and make the women comfortable and provide a peaceful sleep.

The other type of body pillows used in pregnancy is maternity foam specially designed for this purpose. These pillows act as soothing factors and make the women comfortable and provide a peaceful sleep.

A body pillow is the best option for the pains that are present due to the pregnancy. The lady can take advantage of this best pillow to make her precious time comfortable and easy. It is better to check before purchasing that the size and the shape are suitable to body length as well as the style of sleeping.

• Body Pillows for Backache:

The person suffering from the back pain feels life hard as he cannot easily walk, sit and even bend down to grab something. Along with medications and messages, the extra effort in relieving pain may work. The body pillows are designed for this purpose to get rid of the annoying pain. These pillows are so designed that one can sit comfortably by taking the support of the pillow.

The product provides the good sleeping posture as well helps in relaxing muscles. The person will feel a noticeable change after the use of these comfy pillows. It also improves the alignment of the legs and arms so that the blood circulation increases and gives relaxation. The pillow is good also for the pregnant women as they suffer from back pain and do not take high potency medication to get rid of the pain. These best body pillows are the most suitable product for pregnant as well as a person suffering from back pain.

How to Sleep with Body Pillows

The body pillows show effective results if these are used correctly. Otherwise, they are of no use. The proper handling and use can help in relieving the pains of pregnancy and helps in muscle relaxation. To utilize the pillow, it is important to check the area of the pain and identify from where the pain is originating. The common points of the pain are ankle, wrist, knees, joints, shoulders and neck. By placing the pillow with correct position helps to get rid of the pains and the women can enjoy their precious time in a comfortable way.

The ladies having a problem in the neck can give support through this pillow. This provides the pleasant and cozy environment to these areas as well as keeps the spine straight and prevents the back pain.

In the case of belly pains, the wedge style pillow is used. The stomach gets strain because of the weight of the fetus. Right position of the pillow gives the mother comfortable sleep and relaxation time. Although the pillow provides a comfort level to the whole body, at the time of labor pains it works best when placed in between the legs to reduce pressure on the joints and make the time somewhat soothing.

It is better to do a survey before purchasing the pillow as the best size and shape provide more relaxation as compare to the wrong selection. After the proper selection of the pillow, the way the person use is also important as the improper use may lead to excess pain rather a reduction in them.

How to Wash a Body Pillow

Like other beddings, it is good to wash the pillows of and on. The pattern of washing is same like other pillows. The pregnancy pillows need more attention as the immunity level of pregnant women is slightly low, and any dirt or molds can cause hypersensitivity reactions. To avoid this situation, it is important to wash the body pillows after few days of usage.

The better option to keep the pillow clean is that is to keep in a pillow case or cover and change it after weak or maximum 10 days of use. As the pillow is protected in a pillow, it will keep the pillow dust free, and there is no need of washing for many months. Often they are washed with hands, but in some cases, machine wash is necessary if some drink or other food item fell on it.

As the body pillows are a little bit expensive than the normal one, so it is good to keep away from the dirty environment and prevent them with the covers to make its life long.

Where can you buy best body pillows?

The body pillows are not available in all retail shops selling mattress or pillows. Some special wholesalers or retailers keep these pillows. They are getting popularity day by day; people are getting awareness about this useful product, so many retailers have these pillows for sale in their outlets. The pillows age now available online and the person can order the product of his own choice through official website of online selling companies. is one the best company that provides online shopping. This is the reliable platform from where one can get the product of his choice.

Before purchasing it is good to check all the features and price range of the product so that there is no issue after buying or giving the order to the retailers.

Things to consider before choosing the pillow

When the person is in hunt of the necessary product, it is important to focus on some of the following points so that he can get the best product in the affordable range.

Various brands are available in the market which is making these useful pillows for the customers use. Pinzon, Co-Op Home Goods, Aller-Ease are some of the common brands which are manufacturing the bedding products.
It is important to have a complete survey as different brands are producing different size, shape, and type of body pillows.

Pillows are available in a variety of price range. It does not mean that the product with high price has excellent quality and vice versa. The quality product is also available at affordable or minimal price range. It is again good to have a survey to get the product at the suitable budget range.

The standard size available is 54*20 inches. Variable sizes are available that are designed according to the l=height and width of the person. The size of the best body pillow is an important factor while buying it. It plays an important role as the smaller, or the larger sizes are of no use and do not provides pleasant effect rather may have an uncomfortable effect on the body.

Appropriate and standard pillow shape also has a vital role in providing the body cozy, pleasant and relaxing environment. The wrong shape may lead to more pain generation. So the selection of the right shape pillow gives the peaceful relaxation and sleeping time. So it is good to have a look on different shapes and styles of purchasing and spending the money.

Filling material
Different types of pillows contain different filling material. It is the customer’s choice which type he prefers. The pregnancy body pillows contain organic material that provides a special comfort level to the pregnant woman. It is bit expensive. The traditional filling pillows provide more comfort and relaxation as compare to the shredded memory foam. The customer chooses the material according to the requirement as well as the budget.
If all these factors are focussed carefully, then one can be able to buy the best product for the health of his body.

Why are body pillows useful

As discussed above the body pillows are the special form of the pillows. One can prefer to buy these pillows because of following reasons.


I. Additional Support in Pregnancy

Body pillows or pregnancy pillows are great options for the pregnant ladies, as these helps in sleeping comfortably without abrupt changes in the body positions. As well as these helps in relieving pains that occur in different body parts. The body weight is gained and the belly having the additional weight of the body caused the pain in lower portions. There is also a pain in legs portion. The maternity pillows are the excellent solution for getting relaxation and pleasant sleep during pregnancy.

II. Helpful while nursing

The nursing mothers find difficulty feeding especially mothers having c-section. The mothers can comfortably feed their baby without any strains. The c or u shaped are preferable types in these cases. The pillow provides support to the baby as well, and baby enjoys feeding and sleeping in the warm, cozy pillow.

III. Rehabilitation after Accidents

If someone has gone through any accident, these pillows are the best choice to keep with them as they provide relaxation and best support to the fractured or injured part. Many times muscle gets pull or damage, or there is a fracture in the spinal areas. These delicate parts need additional support so the pillows can help in giving relaxation to the affected areas.

IV. Muscle Relaxation

The body pillows have the special feature of supporting body bones and muscles. The muscular pain usually occurs because of wrong sitting or sleeping posture. With the help of these pillows, one can make his muscles relax and see the positive results and feels healthy and fresh.

V. Helps in proper night sleep.

The body pillow is helpful for those who do not sleep at night because of uncomfortable pillows. Now the time is to relax by purchasing the amazing body pillows and to get rid of insomnia and have peaceful comfortable and relaxed sleeping time.

Walking with Pain

The patients having some problem in walking due to a backache or joint pain can prefer theses useful pillows to get rid of annoying disease situations.

Back or Tummy Sleeper

The type of body pillows helps the person to give relaxation to the growing tummy or relieve to the back pain. The Pillows provide proper support to these areas and help in giving the relaxing sleep.
All the discussion shows that the body pillows are the best choice for all family members to have the pleasant, enjoyable and peaceful sleeping time. Before deciding to have body pillow one must follow all the guidelines properly. Choose the good brand. As the manufacturing of these products has a special role in the market. The best-made pillow with the good filling material and affordable price is the best choice to purchase.

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